The Crest


The crest of the college epitomizes ancient traditions and the modern ideals. It comprises four distinct symbols :

The Temple       :     Signifies art and sculpture as embedded in the religious monuments of Odisha. It stands for purity and devotion.

The Swords        :     Emblematic of "love and war', "honour and valour', which remind us of the days of stubborn warriors who protected our motherland.

The Lamps          :     The traditional symbol of learning and wisdom and the open book in the crest reinforces the idea of continuous learning.

The Atom            :     Symbolizes the new scientific attitude expressed in dynamic activities in the field of science and technology.

The light of knowledge and the flame of beauty ignite the intellectual passion of its brilliant students and learned teachers. Hence, "Satyameva Jayate"; Truth alone Truimphs. All B.J.B. fraternity must live up to the ideals embedded in the college crest that had been designed by Prof. Benudhar Rout, Ex-Reader in Odia of this College.



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